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The Simple Scrubby: A Free Crochet Pattern

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The Simple Scrubby is something that I LOVE to make for my friends and family! It is so versatile. I like to put them in a self care or self love package to give as gifts. Below you will find a free pattern to make this incredibly simple exfoliating scrubby, and a list of some of my absolute favorite items to include in the self care bundles. Your friends and family will thank you for putting together a basket like this that is customized to their self care needs!

Materials for the Simple Scrubby


st = stitch

sts = stitches

sl st = slip stitch

ch = chain

dc = double crochet

Finished Measurements

The small Simple Scrubby is about 4″ in diameter and the large Simple Scrubby is about 6.5″ in diameter. This will change based on your gauge, but since this is just a scrubby, no need to worry about gauge!


To begin: Ch 4, sl st to form ring.

Row 1: Ch 2 (does not count as a st here and throughout), 10 dc into the ring. Sl st to connect. 10 sts total.

NOTE: I like to use the first row to crochet over my end so I don’t have to weave it in afterwards!

Row 2: Ch 2, 2 dc into each stitch around. Sl st to connect. 20 sts total.

Row 3: Ch 2, (2 dc, 1 dc in next) around. Sl st to connect. 30 sts total.

For a small scrubby end with row 3.

Row 4: Ch 2, (2dc, 1 dc in next 2 sts) around. Sl st to connect. 40 sts total.

Row 5: Ch 2, (2dc, 1 dc in next 3 sts) around. Sl st to connect. 50 sts total.

Weave in your ends and it is finished!

Below are some examples of what I like to include in gift baskets to my friends, my family, and coworkers. Maybe it will give you some good ideas about what to include in yours!

A Polishing Mask

This 2 in 1 polishing scrub and mask is the perfect sidekick to your Simple Scrubby! The scrubby will help you exfoliate, but the polishing scrub takes it up a notch! This mask is designed to promote and even, smooth texture, and promote brightness. Its main ingredients are black currant extract to defend against visible signs of aging and to nourish the skin, and sugarcane to polish away dead skin cells. This face scrub smells AMAZING too so that’s a bonus! It is dermatologist-tested and gentle on all skin types. This polishing mask is $36.

Light Up Lip Gloss

Light up Lip Gloss is going to be your new go-to lip product! This is formulated with jojoba and avocado oils for maximum moisturizing. However that is not the best part! The best part is that this literally lights up! You can use this lip gloss in the dark! There is also a mirror on the side so that you don’t even have to leave your seat to touch up your lips. It comes in 8 different colors and are $21 each.

Nourishing Hand Cream

Every crocheter needs a moisturizing hand cream in their project bag, and every self care gift basket needs one too! This one is my favorite. It has a very light scent so even people who are sensitive to smells can enjoy it. It is fast-absorbing and non greasy. It is free from any nasty ingredients like artificial colors, parabens, and alcohol. These hand creams are $15 each.

Revitalizing Hair Mask

Maybe your gift basket recipient is a hair girlie? If so she needs the revitalizing hair mask! I use this once a week to keep my long hair strong and healthy. It helps repair damaged ends, lock in moisture for a shine, and protects from future damage. This product is $21.

Collagen Gummies

Speaking of hair, these collagen gummies will not only help your hair grow, but it also nourishes your skin for a healthy glow! We can use all the creams and anti-aging rubs we want, but if we aren’t healthy from the inside out, those creams and serums will only go so far. Support your beauty from the inside out with some of the only vegan gummy supplements on the market. These gummy vitamins are are $19.50.

Exfoliating Body Wash

To go right along with your simple scrubby you can include an exfoliating body wash for some extra scrub! One of my friends described this as smelling like “spa-grade MMM”! Combing the simple scrubby with this body wash takes both things to another level. This is also an organic product that is made with botanicals and free from bad ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and others. This body wash is $14.50.

Luxury Makeup Brush Set

Maybe you are looking for something high end and luxurious. Something that almost every gal needs are makeup and brushes. This luxury makeup brush set will last for a looong time. It comes with 6 different brushes for flawless application. This set retails for $76.

Regardless of what fun things you put in your gift basket, you’ve got a gift that is perfectly tailored to the recipient. Throw in some chocolate, wrap it up all cute and poof! You’re done. Comment below to tell me what “ingredients” you are putting in your gift baskets and who they are for! I bet some other readers can benefit from your great ideas!

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