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Crocheting My Way to the Altar: Bridesmaid Dresses Unveiled

A continuation of an epic crochet wedding story

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Hop on the crazy train that was my life as my wedding approached! In addition to crocheting my own wedding dress, I also stitched up dresses for all my bridesmaids! Yep, you read that right. I took my love for crochet to a whole new level and created some one-of-a-kind dresses that turned out amazing. Let me tell you all about this wild adventure!

Why crochet?

Crochet for bridesmaid dresses? Might sound a bit out there, but hear me out. When it came to my wedding, the whole ‘been there, done that’ vibe wasn’t going to cut it. I was on a mission for something totally different, something that would have everyone going, “Wait, what?” And since crocheting is kinda my thing, I thought, “Why not?” As explained in my last post, my grandma had a huge impact on my life when I was a child. I had a dream to crochet my own wedding dress, and as I fell further in love with crochet (and my now husband) I figured it would be too basic to only crochet my own dress. I am a “go big or go home” kind of girl when I put my mind to a goal. There’s something super special about adding your own touch to your big day. Who needs a traditional wedding when you can have a crafty one, am I right? So, that’s the scoop on why crochet. It’s all about crafting those unforgettable moments with a hook, some yarn, and a whole lot of love. Lots of tears too, can’t forget the tears!

Picking the perfect patterns

The perfect pattern search did not take long! I took to Instagram for inspiration right away. I wanted the bridesmaid dresses to tie in with my dress, which was chock full of pineapple stitches. I love me a good pineapple stitch! It looks super complicated, but is actually quite simple. One of my favorite designers to follow on Instagram is Dominique of Namaste and Crochet. She designed the incredible Angel skirt that is top to bottom pineapple stitches. This skirt had been on my to do list for a while by then, and I knew it was “the one” for my girls.

Another Instagram favorite of mine is Alanna Miall. She came up with The Wonderland Top which has this beautiful and intricate design on the back. I also really like how it is a wrap around style for easy adjusting. You should check out her entire wonderland collection, there are several breathtaking patterns using the pineapple stitch.

We decided on these dresses from Amazon for the bridesmaids to wear underneath the crochet dress. And if you’re wondering which shoes they wore, they chose these silver bejeweled flats!

Yarn shopping spree!

Alright, so after nailing down those patterns, it was shopping time, folks! The Angel skirt called for worsted weight, and the Wonderland Top called for fingering weight. Obviously I was going to have to find a yarn that could work for both patterns so that they matched exactly. I needed cotton because it is breathable and more lightweight than some other fibers. I wanted turquoise because it was my grandma’s favorite color like I mentioned in the last post. I also needed it to be super affordable because it was going to take A LOT of yarn to make 4 dresses. I came across Lion Brand Yarn 24/7 Cotton. This yarn seemed to be a great choice. I was able to order a mass quantity, have it delivered, and get to work right away.

First I ordered a smaller quantity of 4 different colors because I wasn’t sure if I wanted all the dresses to be the same color or if a gradient effect would be cool. I ordered sky, aqua, succulent, and dragonfly. I discussed doing each bridesmaid dress in a different color with my fiancé, but he wasn’t too keen on it. He wanted all the dresses the same color so aqua was the winner! But don’t worry, the other colors got some love for some other wedding projects. More on that to come in the next blog post!

The angel skirt needed roughly 1400 yards for the original size in the pattern and the Wonderland Top needed up to 575 yards. However, I knew that I would be tweaking both patterns to fit my bridesmaids so to be on the safe side I ordered 50 skeins of the 24/7 cotton! I didn’t use it all, but I didn’t want to have to be rushing to place another yarn order amidst wedding planning. Each skein has 186 yards in it. I had 8 skeins left after all 4 dresses were done, so if we do the math…about 7,812 yards were used!

The Crochet marathon begins!

Diving into the crochet marathon for these dresses was like signing up for the ultimate crafting endurance test! My life became a cycle of eat, sleep, go to work, crochet, repeat. I’m talking day in and day out, my hands were always busy hooking away, trying to bring these dresses to life. Not to mention that I was also working on my wedding dress during this same time! I’m telling you I was counting stitches like they’re sheep when you’re trying to sleep. Sounds fun, right? But also, kinda insane.

Same as with my wedding dress, I brought these dresses with me all over the place. I had a weekend conference to go to and I sat in the back the entire time with my neck light diligently stitching away. At some point, my fingers started protesting, but the crochet life doesn’t wait for anyone, especially with a wedding deadline looming over. Every stitch had to be perfect; this was serious business, people. And let’s not even talk about the utter panic when I’d mess up a pattern and have to unravel hours of work. Or when one of my girls tried on her skirt and it was way too big! Heartbreaking, but, every time I’d finish a piece and see it coming together, it made all those sore fingers and late-night do-overs totally worth it.

The Skirts


I started with all 4 skirts. The skirts had less sizing involved than the tops, and I wanted each bridesmaid to try on her skirt first so that I could measure for the top. They needed to be wearing the skirt so I could see exactly how long to make each top. Due to the wrap around nature of the tops, and the adjustable waist on the skirts, it would have been almost impossible to connect the two. This actually worked in our favor though, because now the girls can wear the top as part of a regular outfit, rather than some floor length dress that isn’t right for very many other events.

Dominique is so wonderful for lots of reasons, but in regards to this skirt pattern, she wrote it so that it can be made to measure if we need to adjust the size. I had to add one pattern repeat to two of the dresses and she gives clear instructions on how to do so. This skirt is stunning in person! You should really make one for yourself ;)

The Tops

Back panel on the top

The tops were much trickier. Once the skirt was on I took measurements on each girl for the following: around the bust, distance from outer shoulder to outer shoulder, length from shoulder to where the skirt sits at the waist, and a few other measurements indicated in the Wonderland Top pattern. The top begins with the back panel, working in the round until the shoulder to shoulder measurement is met. Even though the pattern calls for fingering weight yarn and I was using a worsted, having all the measurements really helped me tweak it to each bridesmaid. Alanna is also an excellent pattern designer who inserts tips for how to adjust the pattern to your size and gauge.

Fitting Sessions and Fixes:

After all that crocheting madness, you’d think the hard part was over, right? Wrong-o. Fitting sessions were up next, and boy, were they interesting. The picture above was taken only 10 DAYS before the wedding! Two of the tops wanted to relax across the back and create this weird flap. To fix this I did a row of single crochets with a few decreases mixed into the middle to pull the top closer to her back, which worked out perfectly.

As I mentioned before one of the skirts came out way too big around the waist and I had to redo the entire thing over again. One of the other skirts was way too long for my short queen so I had to take out the edging and one pineapple pattern repeat to shorten it, then redid the edging so it matched the other dresses.

And let’s not forget those late-night, caffeine-fueled stitch sessions. A stitch here, a tuck there, all while trying not to turn into a sleep-deprived zombie. In the end, though, seeing those dresses fit like they were made for my girls (because, well, they were) made all those adjustments and all the time totally worth it. It’s all about that magic moment when everything just clicks.

The Big Reveal and Reaction

The big day finally arrived, and let me tell ya, seeing my squad in their crocheted masterpieces for the first time was everything. Their faces lit up, and there were all these “OMG, no way!” moments. The air was buzzing with excitement, and the selfies were on point. Each one of them twirling around, showing off their unique dresses, it was like something out of a fairytale, but better, because it was a representation of a dream. Not a dry eye in the room, and it felt like we’d just raised the bar on wedding norms. Best. Reaction. Ever.

What I learned from this crazy adventure

Diving into this whole crochet bridesmaid dress saga really opened my eyes to a few things. First off, I discovered that I’ve got some serious grit. Who knew I could tackle a project this massive and not bail halfway through? It turns out, when you’re super passionate about something (even if it’s as bonkers as crocheting wedding attire), you can push through just about anything. I also found out that patience isn’t just a virtue; it’s a requirement. Between choosing the right patterns, hunting down the dreamiest yarn, and getting those dresses to fit just right, I learned to take a deep breath and just keep swimming. Yes, there were times I wanted to throw my crochet hook out the window, but those moments when everything started to click? Pure magic.

Here’s the best part – breaking the mold and ditching the traditional wedding stuff for something like crochet? It proved that the best memories are the ones you make when you’re doing your own thing. Why fit in when you can stand out and make a statement that’s unapologetically you? This whole experience was a wild ride from start to finish, and if I had to sum it up, I’d say it’s taught me that with a hook, some yarn, and a dash of crazy, you can literally make anything happen. And that, my friends, is the best kind of lesson.

I hope that my story helps encourage you to tackle the project you have in your heart that you think is totally crazy! If you can dream it, you can stitch it! Comment below with your crazy project ideas so I can encourage you!

All official wedding photos taken by LeyRe Photography. The location was the Historic Venue 1902 in Sanford, Florida.

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