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Crocheting Memories: A Handmade Dress for My Engagement Photo Shoot

The Final installment of an Epic Crochet Wedding Story

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When my now-husband proposed, I knew that I was not about to plan a normal wedding. Why go through all that trouble for the wedding to look just like every other one? Not me, I had big plans! After deciding to crochet my dress, the bridesmaid dresses, and something special for the moms, I had a last minute thought that I should also make a dress to wear for our engagement photos! Yes, I am crazy, thanks for asking! Keep reading for an overview of the beautiful dress I created with a little help from one of my favorite pattern designers, Dominique Calvillo. I embarked on this quest to make this dress with only 3 WEEKS left before the photoshoot. Like I said, it was a last minute idea.

Why crochet?

If you have been following along you will know exactly why crochet. However if you are new here, hi, thanks for joining us! Let me summarize this totally bonkers story. I have planned to crochet my wedding dress ever since I was a kid. Now that I’m all grown up and obsessed with all things fiber, it seemed like it would be a quirky and inventive gesture to crochet more than just my own dress for the wedding. The clock was counting down while I tried to crochet as much as possible before the big day!

Highlighting an extraordinary Pattern

The Lotus Set designed by Dominique Calvillo of Namaste and Crochet had been on my to do list for a while. It is available as 2 separate PDFs: The Lotus Top and the Lotus Skirt. I was captivated by it as soon as she released it. This was the perfect opportunity to give it a try! It was ideal for a beach setting, which is of course where we wanted to take the photos.

Skirt Pattern Details

  • This pattern is written as made to measure – it can be made for any size!
  • The designer used Lily Sugar and Cream Solids for her sample dress, which is a worsted weight cotton
  • You will need between 2,000-3,000 yards
  • 2 hook sizes are needed: G/4.25mm and H/5.00mm
  • Gauge is listed as 14 double crochets by 8 rows = 4″
  • The construction is top/waist down, and categorized into three sections.
  • Dominique includes the written instructions, and photos.

Top Pattern Details

  • The Lotus top is written for sizes XS – 5X
  • The designer used Lily Sugar and Cream Solids for her sample dress, which is a worsted weight cotton
  • You will need between 225 – 300 yards
  • Use either an F/3.75mm hook or a G/4.25mm hook to obtain gauge
  • Gauge is listed as 18 half double crochets by 14 rows = 4″
  • Construction begins with the cups, the cup edging, and then the lace bodice
  • Dominique includes the written instructions, and photos.

Yarn selections

The yarn I chose was Circulo Natural. It was readily available from my local yarn store, She Sells Yarn & More. Circulo offers a high quality cotton yarn in a variety of weights. These patterns called for worsted cotton and this is Circulo’s option for that. I am really pleased with how soft this yarn became after I washed the outfit for the first time!

Skirt work in progress

ThE Skirt notes

I ended up using about 3,245 yards for the top and skirt combined. I started the skirt by chaining 190, which was 3″ of positive ease after my hip measurement as instructed. This turned out to be a bit too big for me, and the skirt was very heavy. Next time I make it, I will definitely go lighter on the starting chain. I began with the G hook and did 15 rows in section A. Moving on to section B I switched to the H hook, and did the rest of the skirt with the H hook.

The texture is amazing!

The Top Notes

I did the entire top in the G hook. I made the lace bodice section a little too wide, but no time to fix it! I just cinched it up the best I could with the corset ties in the back. I was making the medium size and chaining 36 for either side of the bodice was just too much. I was hoping for extra coverage, but the yarn stretched more than I expected it to. Just like the skirt, I will make it a little smaller next time. I also recommend lining your bust with cups like these. I really regret not doing that, but I finished the skirt with 3 days left before the photos so I didn’t have a whole lot of options for redoing and tweaking once everything was done.

The day of the photo shoot

The day of the photo shoot arrived and my nails, hair, makeup, and outfit were on point! What a huge relief, right? These pictures were only going out to our entire circle of extended family and friends, no big deal. My man was very impressed that I had whipped out this entire ensemble in 3 weeks. I do NOT recommend putting this kind of pressure on yourself, but I am glad I did it to me. Girl, if you are going to do this then give yourself some more time! You can focus on enjoying every stitch with mindful crocheting rather than frantic crocheting. Even though it was hectic, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Thank you for joining me on the story of our epic crochet wedding! So much more fun content is coming your way <3

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I hope that my story helps encourage you to tackle the project you have in your heart that you think is totally crazy! If you can dream it, you can stitch it! Comment below with your so-called-crazy project ideas so I can encourage you!

All engagement photos were taken by a dear friend, Kathrin Rennebeck. Location is Ormond Beach, FL.

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