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So you’re ready to dive into the Swift side of crochet?  Well, friend, you’re in the right place.  I help swifties create Taylor-inspired garments so you can finally feel like the superstar you are.  If you’ve stumbled onto my corner of the internet, you’re probably ready to broaden your crochet horizons.  If you’re like most swifties, you want to make your own outfits, but you struggle to find relevant patterns.  You often find yourself daydreaming about bedazzled bodysuits, flowy dresses, and cabled cardigans.  You feel that if you only had crochet patterns with a Swift influence, you could create the handmade wardrobe of your dreams.  Let’s turn those daydreams into a reality, my friend!

It’s me, hi!  I’m Emily, it’s me.  I’m a crochet designer for swifties who designs Taylor-influenced garments so that you can craft your very own fabulous closet full of tour-ready ensembles.  The truth is, your story probably sounds a lot like mine.  I wasn’t always designing my own crochet patterns.  My Grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 8, and I continued to crochet on and off recreationally all those years until I finished college.  After that I picked it up more seriously.  For a long time I was content making other peoples’ designs, creating beautiful pieces that others had gone through the trouble of writing and perfecting.  I still enjoy crocheting patterns written by others. However, given my current Taylor Swift obsession, I was craving patterns that would be inspired by her most notorious outfits.  So I decided I needed to design them myself.  I waved goodbye to my crochet comfort zone and decided to dedicate my time to crafting crochet patterns that would make Taylor proud.  

The last 20 years of life has led me to this point, the point of officially launching my crochet design business!  Crochet has completely changed my life, and now I get to help others do the same.  My story is just getting started – and yours can too.  This is the start of many fun moments, and I can’t wait to see what you create!